By information, we mean the generally the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence; also knowledge obtained form investigation, study or instruction. By journalism, we mean the collection and editing of material of current interest for presentation through news media or the editorial or business management of an agency engaged in the collection and dissemination of news.

Journalism is actually the information,education and guidance,as such information is one of the constituent part of journalism. Journalism is a whole unit and a full-fledged social discipline and news is the essence of journalism. Journalism stands for writing for the newspapers or magazines. It is the communication of information through writings in periodicals and newspapers.

The people have inborn and insatiable desire and curiosity to know what is novel or news. This curiosity is satisfied by the journalists through their writings in the newspaper and journals regarding the current event and news. According to webster’s Third International Dictionary journalism means, “the collection and editing of material of current interest for presentation, publication or broadcast.”