mazaq-raatThe credible Dunya news channel is on-airing its funny and entertainment show from September 2, 2013. This program is a series of never ending unlimited entertainment package, the bears the name,’ MazaaqRaat’. The humorous name with the Urdu word ‘Mazaq Raat’ means getting into agreement with talking and meetings. This entertainment show is aimed to drive the viewers into fun, laughter and entertainment. Airing times of the show are Monday and Tuesday at 11:03 pm while the repeat timings for the show are 04:03 and 10:03 am.

The talking’s, acts held on the show among the comedians, actors and actress Noman Ijaz, Fiza Ali, the hosts, Iftikhar Thakur, Amanullah and Sakhawat Nawaz would produce a good program with good essence of comic.

The show promotions are extensively done by the TV channel on their website while a page with the show name is also being maintained by Dunya TV Team.

The teasers depict the actors to mimic the Pakistani Punjabi actors giving the news of the programs. The politician Sheikh Rasheed also visited the set on the final rehearsal of the show where he was fully entertained by the comedians through their performance and dialogue delivery. Rasheed complimented the efforts of the channel and the performers.