pakistan_india_cricket_fansIt will be not be wrong to say that Pakistan is one the most hospitable countries in the world. Pakistan hosts almost 1.5 million Afghan refugees. 3.8 million registered Afghan refugees has returned from Pakistan since 2002, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Pakistan’s hospitality can also be seen when it comes to India. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is trying it’s best to play “home” series with India in UAE early next year but Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) doesn’t seems to be interested. ‘

[alert] Recently PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan when visited India was not facilitated as he should have been by BCCI. The meeting between to counterparts was not held because of extremist party Shiv Sena attacked BCCI headquarters as it was hosting Shaharyar Khan [/alert]

Shive Sena also threatened Pakistani superstars Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan and has vowed that they will not let Fawad and Mahira to promote their film in capital of Maharashtra i.e. Mumbai. Shiv Sena has also cancelled Pakistan’s singers performances and Indian Government has failed to stop Shiv Sena.

Aleem Dar was pulled out of fifth ODI between India and South Africa because the match was to be played at Mumbai. This shows Indian Government incompetency to control these extremist.

In Pakistan there has never been case like this (specially in big cities) when any event, meeting or any singer was not able to perform.

Above all in first week of October National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz ruled out a potential cricket series against India and said: “I see no chance of cricket between Pakistan and India under the current situation,” Aziz told media in Islamabad. “We need to make (the) situation favourable for cricket and other things.”
But PCB tried from itself for meeting which was not whole heartedly taken by BCCI (as it seems BCCI is controlled by Indian Government).

National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz ruled out “other things” also but still Bollywood films are exhibited in Pakistan and they are not banned here. These Bollywood films are earning a huge amount. Salman Khan starrer Kick earned Rs. 57.8 million only in  opening weekend. On an average Rs. 50-70 million profit is earned by Bollywood films in Pakistan without star cast promoting film in Pakistan.

3-4 Pakistani media distributes these Bollywood films in Pakistan and they have their share in profit. On one hand these channels were criticizing India a lot of all these incidents. But when it comes to monetary basis they support Bollywood films and never talks on banning these films.

This shows the hospitability of Pakistan and its people. But in my point of now Government of Pakistan should ban these Bollywood films until India Government facilitated us in same manner.

By Mubashir Mahmood