Qurbani Fashion ShowIn this modern age where almost all the trends and things have changed as compared to they were in past, the trends of Cow Mandi at the religious event of Eid ul Azha are also changed. We saw lots of big Bulls and Cows in the beautiful tents with colourful lights and other decorations. But we have seen a new trend of fashion shows in Cow Mandi this year where models walk on a ramp with the Bulls and Cow. This happened recently in Lahore Cow Mandi, where renowned cattle farm arranged this fashion show with the animals.

After watching the packages of that show on television screen, people on social media have badly criticized this act by the cattle farm. It is very shameful activity that the models in vulgar dresses walks along with Qurbani animals. People have said that the act was disturbing as it is spreading vulgarity. They have asked all the people who are organizing such events, to stop this vulgarity as it Qurbani is religious duty of Muslims.

It is to be noted that some TV channels are also promoting such types of immoral and vulgar events and play songs in the background, which is totally wrong and should not be aired in an Islamic state.