In this era of technology, the world is full of new and innovative smartphones with countless features which can make our life easy but sometimes slow speed smartphones create lots of problems for us in our busy routine. Fast speed and fast performance of smart phones are very important for all of us through which we can take complete benefits of our smart phones.

Android is providing complete solution for the improvement of speed and performance of smart phones in just 5 minutes. Android has introduced an app named as Clean Master (Speed Booster) which can speed up your mobile in just 5 minutes and can increase your smart phone’s performance . Clean Master (Speed Booster) is an outstanding app which will delete your junk files, free up your phone’s memory and SD card’s memory, improve games and device memory, free your phone from overheating, clean your cache and will safeguard your phone from viruses.

Clean Master works as memory booster, CPU booster, App manager, device cooler, antivirus and junk file cleaner as these functions of Clean Master will provide great improvement in performance and speed of a smart phone. Clean Master which is known as multi-functional app is very easy to use as well as it also provide attracted interface to your smart phone. Clean Master App is available on Google Play Store and it’s totally free.