facebook logoThe trend of fake profiles of Facebook has increased too much these days as people can make fool through fake profiles so it is very necessary to identify fake Facebook profile and also to report in order to save yourselves from cheating. As we know that there are billions of Facebook users, so there are many fake profiles and may be some of you have seen your fake Facebook profile with you real name, picture and information.

Lots of people love to make fake Facebook profile just for entertainment or to make friends especially it is done by young boys who make girls fake profile in order to make fool other guys. Fake users can get your real image, personal information very easily through which your reputation may be affected very hardly. Security settings and precautions are very needed to save yourselves from these annoying experiences as lots of people have become victim of many fake Facebook profiles due to which they suffered from many problems.

Today we will familiar you how to identify and report fake Facebook profile so that you can easily recognize fake users and profiles of Facebook. There are some simple tips through which you can maintain a level of trust and usefulness and get rid from scammers or bullies. Here are some following tips and advices to catch culprit s and report their fake profiles:

How To Identify Fake Profiles Of Facebook

  1. First it is to remember that mostly fake Facebook profiles are on girls’ names in which too many boys are added in the friend list. It is one of the most logical and specific hint about the fake profiles. .
  2. As we know that stealing of girls information and pictures are very common in order to make fake one. Mostly fake profiles consists display pictures of beautiful and stylish girls at which you will see several comments of boys.
  3. Generally every fake profile holds short age of a profile which can be checked at the end of the timeline.
  4. Users who make fake profile generally do not fill about and other information portion of Facebook profile.
  5. Display and other pictures will always remain public at fake profiles.
  6. It is necessary to check the friend list because most of the fake profiles contains long list of male friends.

How to Report Fake Facebook Profile

  • In order to report fake Facebook profile to Facebook authorities, first go to fake profile
  • Now click on the “More” option which you will see just behind the cover photo of profile
  • After clicking at “More” option you will see three choices Block, Report and Poke
  • Click on the report/block option
  • Then submit a report by giving realistic reason