Hamza Ali Abbasi Video Message to His Fans on Current Situation

Hamza Ali Abbasi1Hamza Ali Abbasi, the actor, model and film director of Pakistan is seemed to be very active in current political issues of Pakistan as he is posting his many messages these days through social media on political matters. Recently Hamza has posted his video message on his fan page which runs by Hamza himself.

Actor Hamza who keeps expressing his feeling regarding current situation of Pakistan said in his video message that people should come to know that politicians are just like human beings so do not need to follow them devotedly. He also said that people should take stand for Pakistan instead of fighting for their political parties because our real goal is not about supporting political parties but to think and work for Pakistan. I’m supporting Imran Khan these days but if he will do something against Pakistan I will stop to support him because i am not taking side to Imran Khan, I’m thinking for my Pakistan, Hamza Abbasi added.

Furthermore, Hamza also said that Imran Khan took a step against allegedly rigged in 2013 which was very necessary to take. People should understand that Imran Khan is taking step just for Pakistan so it is the right time to show you are true Pakistani. See yourself Hamza Ali’s message regarding current political condition.
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  1. Samina kazmi says:

    Hamza Abbasi Har Shaks Ko Apni inner Feelings ka Izhar karney ka Haq hy,,,,so agar koi Politician Ghalat Baat karey ga to uss k khilaff Awaz uthaye Jayegi Chahey wo kisi bhi party se ho! My message who is watching ur video “BOL K LAB AZAD HAIN TERY”

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