hamid-mirA senior Journalist and anchor Hamid Mir has revealed his plans to leave Pakistan. Hamid Mir was attacked last year in Karachi while he was going from airport to his office. After the attack the allegations of the media group against the state institutions led to suspension of the channel along with a severe re-action from the masses of Pakistan against the media group. Hamid Mir unveiled the happenings after the incident, he said that some of the powerful institutes are pressurizing him to leave the country but he is resisting to abide.

While talking to BBC Urdu Hamid Mir said that he was being pressurized to leave Pakistan he added that if the situation doesn’t improves he may think about leaving. He shared about his life after the attack and said that his life has changed after the attack not just physically and mentally but his journalistic activities also have been restricted, he also is striving to get justice for himself. Adding to it he said that media has lost its credibility after the sit-ins because the media predicted the resignation of the Prime Minister along with dissolution of the National assembly but nothing happened.

Hamid Mir also said that the media group he is working for is fighting for its own survival as it went through severe crisis one after another since the last year, so it is not possible for the media group to raise voice against the violation of the human rights.