Ghulam-Abbas-ShahA seasoned journalist Mr. Ghulam Abbas Shah has joined Bol News as senior news manager. Bol is nearing its launch in Pakistan, the hiring of related launch team is still going on. Many famous journalists and anchors have joined Bol TV in the recent past. He is known as a friendly good tempered and humble person in his friends. Mr. Shah was previously working with Express News since June 2014.

Mr. Shah started his career as a journalist in 1999, he is well known among the journalists for his honest nature, friendly attitude and professional skills. He is well respected among the circle of journalists. Mr. Shah has also worked for India TV as senior correspondent from Pakistan and later as the Bureau Chief of Pakistan. His vast experience in reporting also led him to work in News One, he joined News One in September 2008 later served in multiple capacities including senior assignment editor, controller news and also as a host of live transmissions he also hosted a prime time program at News One TV.

Bol TV which is nearing its launch is working on innovative ideas to make the idea work. Bol earlier hired Nasir Baig Chughtai a senior Journalist as Senior Executive Vice President of the News Department of Bol TV along with veteran Journalist Altaf Hussain who earlier joined as Associate Vice President.