The investigations of FIA are still going on the Axact scandal and Chairman and CEO of Axact is in the custody of FIA, along with his partner and other management members. But it has been reported several times that the police and investigating agencies are not treating him well and now this leaked video has proved it.

Exclusive leaked video has been released on the social media in which Shoaib Shaikh was bringing out of the court after his hearing by an honorable judge. It can be clearly seen in the video that the officials of FIA are badly misbehaving with Shoaib Shaikh.

Many government officials were holding his collar and pushing him with their full force while taking him to the car. The employees of Bol Network and Axact were also present at that time and they were protesting against the un-human attitude of the officials. But the officials of FIA have not listened them and continued their normal exercise, while Shoaib Shaikh was even not showing aggression for it.

It has been also reported previously that the police and FIA officials are misbehaving with Shoaib Shaikh and he has been tortured in the FIA custody. The employees of Bol and Axact have also strongly condemned this act and demanded free and fair trial of Axact CEO.