Nawaz SharifIslamabad: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had announced the grants of 50 million rupees to Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors. While addressing the CPNE in Lahore, Prime Minister said that the independent media and Judiciary is the basic need for the civilized societies. Nawaz Sharif asked journalists to come forward and play a vital role in this critical situation. He also appreciates the role of electronic and print media in the war against terrorism and asked for more support to build up the moral of not only the government but also for the military forces.

Prime Minister said that the Pakistani channels should forget their rating for at least two years to support the government. He also added that the code of conduct should be formulated by the media to hold itself accountable. Nawaz Sharif said that the media should follow the principles and ethics to improve the image of Pakistan internationally.

Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors or CPNE was founded in 1957 as a combined body of Newspaper Editor in Pakistan to campaign for the defence of press freedom. CPNE had adopted the code of conduct which is made by itself to maintain the dignity of media.