Go Nawaz Goduring T20 matchAs it has seen that “Go Nawaz Go” slogan has become national slogan of Pakistan these days, there are some videos which have gone viral on social media in which people are chanting Go Nawaz Go at different events. Recently another incident took place during a T20 match between Pakistan & Australia, in which Pakistani Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s supporters ask some Australian people to say with them “Go Nawaz Go” slogan and in minute of time Australian people started chanting “Go Nawaz Go”.

It was a fun moment for the all people out there as some of them start recording videos. People have started to Enjoy “Go Nawaz Go” slogan at every event as this slogan has affected large number of people of Pakistan. Go Nawaz Go is almost become a voice of every heart and historical slogan of Pakistan which has immensely spread everywhere. Go Nawaz Go which is echoing almost at all the places has become worst response against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz due to which PML-N is heading towards great downfall.

Now from this kind of response it is proved that PTI holds a strong position as large number of Pakistan is only chanting Go Nawaz Go. Social Media is also full of Go Nawaz Go campaign as we can see large amount of comics and pictures written Go Nawaz GO.

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