Geo TV NetworkIslamabad: Geo TV has asked for help to parliament while claiming that most of our channels have been off air for over four months and Rs 2 crores fine has been paid with one month suspension of Geo Entertainment and 15 days suspension of Geo news. Geo TV also told that Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court have already given order to Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) to bring back all the channels of Geo but we did not get any response.

Geo TV Network who is suffering great loss of viewership further claimed that we have tolerated a loss of four billion up till now and are also expecting further loss due our unrestored channels as now we are not able to pay our bills and salaries to our employees. [alert style=”red”]If our channels will not get on air as soon as possible we will have no their choice despite of closure of our all channels completely, Geo added.[/alert]They further claimed that we have made several complaints regarding our channels to PEMRA but no action has been taken as we are still suffering from this serious issue which is heading us towards great loss. Geo Network has also demanded to Prime Minister and Chief Minister to create a commission for inquiry about all the allegations against us and try to save the oldest and independent network of Pakistan.