SukoonQuality Handyman services are now available for the Karachiites online with assurance of security. It is first time that blue-collar domestic workers will be available in Pakistan. Number of tries have been made earlier but failure was their fate because lacking of trust and reliability.

Usually a need for plumber or electrician or carpenter came along with the visit to the local market for the search of proper and suitable worker but now right from the comfort of your home you can avail reliable services.

The startup co-founded by Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair. The new startup not only provided good quality and reliable services but also provided with reliable jobs to the skilled workers.

The workers go through a thorough well designed background check to ensure they can be relied upon. aims to provide complete ‘sukoon’ to the clients ensuring security and quality of the work.

For booking the appointment the clients simply need to log onto the website and launch their complaint by selecting the relevant nature of work and selecting the exact work, a picture can also be uploaded describing the exact problem.

The worker is guaranteed to reach within 24 hours and emergency complaints can also be handled.