Film Star SaudOne of the most famous film stars of Pakistani film industry, Saud has asked Pakistani viewers to reject Indian movies. According to the media reports, popular actor Saud has requested Pakistani public not to watch Indian films in order to promote Pakistani films. While talking to one of the leading Pakistani newspapers, Saud said that if Pakistani viewers reject Indian movies like Indian dramas, Pakistani films can be successful on box office. He said that the craze of watching Indian movies is decreased in Pakistan and this is the only reason that Pakistani films are doing good business.

Film actor Saud said that those people who have been waiting for a long time for the restoration of Pakistani film industry, now it is their responsibility to support the industry by making quality and good films. He said that the role of young film directors for the revival of Pakistani film industry cannot be ignored because they have done an excellent job. Saud also said that good thinking and choosing excellent themes will now play an important role for the success of Pakistani films.

It is to be noted that Pakistani film industry has started to grow once again in the last few years, after facing worst crisis for many years.