Fahad-MustafaThe young and good looking Fahad Mustafa will be appearing in the upcoming advertisements of Qmobile. The advertisement is shot at multiple beautiful places of Pakistan show casing the true Pakistani beauty. The advertisement will be showing Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore along with Delhi Gate Lahore the centuries old symbols. Parts of the advert have also been shot in Kunhar Valley in Kaghan area.

Qmobile has been working on celebrity endorsement from a long time, featuring Bollywood stars and Pakistani stars too from time to time. Earlier Kareena and Priyanka have also stared for the Qmobile advert. Currently Jacqueline Fernandez is appearing in the advertisement of Qmobile, posing for selfies with the brand’s cell phone. The Pakistani brand also hired Brand ambassadors from Bollywood the famous Kapoors topping the list. Pakistani celebrities have also been endorsing the Pakistani Brand for some time in the past. Going for Mustafa will be a good choice for Qmobile as well.

Fahad Mustafa the host of ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ will be seen enjoying Pakistan in the upcoming advert of Qmobile. Behind The Scene shots shows the enjoyment Fahad is deriving from his work in the advertisement. Fahad Mustafa is not just famous for hosting but he also starred for a number of hit drama serials.