comedy-troupeThe Comedy Troupe ‘Aisa karoge tou kon ayega’ has recently performed after almost four years of break. Just few days back the separated team was re-united by a charity event which made all of the members to come together again to perform. This reunion proved to be fruitful as they decided to reunite and re-launch the comedy troupe. Azfar Ali and Ali Gul Pir are the founding members of the troupe, which is full of youth, energy and fun.

Although the troupe has just performed in a single show but they all are planning to make up for the lost time. Azfar has some big plans on the other hand, he wants the troupe to go International. Ali Gul Pir also titled Azfar as the person looking after the Business related matters of the troupe. Ali said that he is happy with just concentering on the comedy rather than other matters. The team is hopeful to make a good comeback. Although Ali Gul termed the comeback as an adventurous thrill itself.

The original troupe consisted of Azfar Ali, Afraz Rasool, Saquib Umeer and Ali Gul Pir. The plan is to stick to their previous ideology of working but with some different approach this time. The plan not just to increase the frequency of their shows but also increase the coverage of the show by visiting new places urban plus rural and to introduce to people the new lighter comedy.