Dunya TV Hayya Ala Salah Program’s Season 2Hayya Ala Salah Program’s Season 2 is going to be start soon as a Ramadan transmission on Dunya TV channel. Hayya Ala Salah Program is Azan competition program where 30 lucky participants will be selected among the hundreds of participants who give auditions for Azan competition in order to get Umrah ticket.

Dunya TV has also organized this program last year in Ramadan in which children, youth and elderly people participated in the competition in order to get great honour by recording Azan in their own voice. Dunya TV is again organizing Hayya Ala Salah Program’s Season 2 under the presidency of Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali. The 30 participants will be able to record Azan in their own voice as their Azan will be broadcast during the Ramadan transmission. The program has also organized bumper prize for lucky participants as Motor Cycles will be given to 3 auspicious participants and 10 participants will be able to get Umrah tickets.

The bureau office has been organized for auditions in different cities such as Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Karachi and Quetta where auditions will be taken from all over the cities of Pakistan. Different bureau office has different dates of auditions according to the cities in order to select the 30 participants from all over the Pakistan.

Here are Auditions’ Dates and Contact Details of City bureau:

Lahore (7 June): 42-36308151

Gujranwala (10June): 055-3736934-6

Faisalabad (14 June): 0300-6627893

Islamabad (17 June): 051-2820159

Peshawar (21 June): 0301-5959772

Multan (24 June): 061-4540105-6

Karachi (26 June): 021-45648695

Quetta (29 June): 081-2825078

For more details and information:

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