As Almost all of media persons could mindful of Reports reporting concerning a “Drunk Lover”. I actually sense disgrace by viewing DUNYA Reports Handling.  The News-Anchor, Mr. Jami, was saying that occurrence ‘Drama, Sikander-Nama’

Professional Journalism It is often held that there are 3 kinds of Accounts resembling:

  •   Reportage
  • Inferential report
  •  Judgments

And once somebody is bringing Reports stories, his / her account should be inside “Reporting” he / she shouldn’t yield inferences nor should create conclusions about the news reporting he / she’s conveying.

For this, Media organization should impart Editorial Page, or maybe take researchers online if they need researching.[alert style=”white”]TV channels should learn some journalism ethics while reporting, they have no right to inference or judge. [/alert]

It truly appears the entire “stories room” of DUNYA reports is highly second-rated. Why are they saying this story happening as “drama” in their stories circulars? Or should this occurrence truly be enclosed? I mean what type of distress this may have on those that are loath to permit their Girls for work? This “BREAKING” news is actually breaking all proficiency and ethics in our state.