There are many fake accounts of famous personalities on different social media websites. Fake Twitter account of Cricketer Nasir Jamshed is one of them, which got immense following and recognition among the Public.

World cup fever led to many activities regarding cricket online along with social media discussions at the same time this account came into being with the Name of ‘Big Nas’ . Frequent cricket analysis by him convinced people to follow his tweets. His tweets contained humorous comments about the playing teams.

His tweets about the Bangladeshi celebration and the tweets which followed resulted in suspension of his twitter account as many Bangladeshi people felt humiliated thus they reported the account. It is to be noted that normally Twitter doesn’t suspends any account as they are in favor of ‘freedom of speech’. Regardless of the previous record unification of Bangladeshis’ forced twitter to take action.

The twitter account remained blocked for only 5 days and came back live again with some changes. Big Nas tweets in his own specific way with broken English it is clearly mentioned now that this account is just a parody account despite this he has gathered large audience.