Haseena MoinDrama writers’ priority is now money instead of the Quality of their content, era of commercialization has even spoiled our dramas and main focus of a drama is now its commercial success rather than the message of improvement it presents to the society. That’s why the effect in writings of today’s writers is far less than that of past writers. Today’s writers don’t have substance in their writings. The language and selection of words are misleading today’s generation.

Drama writer Haseena Moin said that now a days there are so many TV Channels and a huge number of dramas are produced but unfortunately they all contain same kind of story and there is no originality in the drama script. She also said that in her era the quantity of dramas was less but their quality was high. Proper work was carried out on each script, but now I face disappointment while watching selection of words and their usage.

Now a days a number of dramas are made but they all depict same type of story theme except few. She also said that it is the responsibility of writers to highlight the good and bad aspects of society and use such kind of language that creates good impact on people rather than worse.