Muhamamd Ramzan ChhipaJust heard the appeal by Ramzan Chhipa for booking of animals in collective Qurbani as he aims to reach maximum numbers of people from the underprivileged part of the society during this Bakra Eid.

It is amazing to see that organizations such as Chhipa Welfare Organization are working to spread happiness on Eid. Through Chhipa thousands of family will receive meat & mutton on Eid celebrating the day with a full stomach.

What I liked about Chhipa Welfare Organization is the method of their meat distribution during which they respect the dignity of the families. The needy families can just visit any centre or office of the organization and receive their share of meat.

Those who book sacrificial animal and those who are needy of the meat can visit Chhipa centers on Eid days, this respectful way of distributing meat on Eid-ul-Azha by one of the biggest charities in Pakistan is great which other organizations should also follow.

Another amazing thing is that the whole process is supervised by Ramzan Chhipa himself, he works as a guardian making sure that the best animals are selected, kept in healthy environment and sacrificed with the Islamic guidelines in a hygienic environment.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that despite the economic conditions and inflation people are helping the underprivileged class of the society, this work by Chhipa with support of the community members is appreciable.