Noreen AmirChef Noreen is the best chef of Pakistan; her sweets are quite famous in viewers. She has been cooking food since she was very young. She came in this field by winning the competition in cooking show “Kaun banega Kitchen Queen”. Her program “Riwayaton Ki Lazzat” is getting a good feedback from the food lovers. People, who love sweets, extremely like her program.

Chef Noreen Amir sweets are indeed very tasty and look very colorful with the topping of almonds and pistachios. She sprinkles dry fruits on her sweets, after making them and her dishes looks tastier after the good topping. Not only sweets but also she has the ability to cook other foods.

She has been a domestic girl since her young age and she got interest in cooking from her young age. She is the master of making sweets. Her sweet dishes are liked by every sweet lover, women also try her sweets at home, especially when they have feast at home. Sweets are the charm of feasts and Chef Noreen has solved the problems of every woman by making different delicious sweets.