Lal MajidChef Lal Majid is the famous chef and designer of Pakistan, lives in Karachi. She is running Lal chocolates. She wants to share her all experience with the viewers, whatever she learned from USA and Britain. Chef is the master of baking and cooking too. Chef Lal has the ability to cook every kind of dishes. Her program on Masala channel is extremely liked by women.

Women are getting accomplished by watching her program and they praise for her all dishes, when they try at home. She is the charm of Masala channel and her dishes are quite scrumptious. Not only she is a good chef but also a good designer.

Chef Lal Majid is the versatile personality of Pakistan and hard worker too. Hard working people always get progress similarly chef Lal got. Allah has given her a lot of success in the field of cooking and designing both. She won the hearts of food lovers by teaching delicious dishes in her program. She is also famous for her calm behavior, people like the way she speaks politely with everyone.