MadihaVJ Madiha is the famous host of ARY Music, she is the most youngest and innocent host of Pakistan. She is also called Madi and Madu. VJ Madiha is running a wonderful program on ARY music. Her fans like the way she hosts the program. She is indeed a very good host and knows well that how to run the program.

Not only she is the good host but also she is the best actress of Pakistan. Madiha enjoys singing, travelling and listening music. Madiha brings a lot of funs in every episode of her program. She attracts the people by her spicy chit chat. This is the quality of a good host, because it is very difficult task to entertain someone. She is also doing her program on MTV and she is running her both programs well on MTV and ARY Music.

She is very confident and bold in this young age, she was born on 8th February 1993, and her horoscope is Aquarius.  VJ Madiha is a hard working girl and getting progress rapidly in the field of media. She is managed to run a program wonderfully.