capital tv logoThe 2nd Anniversary of Capital TV is few days ahead, yet their employees haven’t received their salaries not just of last one month but of many previous months. Employees are facing this problem not from a month or two but right from the launch of the channel, they have to wait for several months in order to have their salary, that too after protests and strikes by employees.

Different Employees have tweeted and protested on this attitude of Management. Salaries are the right of the employees who have worked hard day and night and they also had put their lives at risk at times for covering different news from the risky places and situations, where on average no one will be willing to go. The Employees also declared strike last year, all operations were halted as a result, till the management gave the employees postdated cheques for their salaries. This attitude of management lead to resignation of many founding team members.

Right from their launch the journey of Capital TV was quiet bumpy, they faced a temporary shutdown from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on some issues. After some time they had to deal with a First Information Report (FIR) in reaction to unveiling the EOBI Scandal, registered against Capital TV most probably by some nominees of the EOBI case.