CalligraphyKarachi: Famous calligraphy artist Sameera Saleem urged for government galleries while saying that government galleries are also important with private galleries. She also said that much talent will be emerged if better arts training institutions are enabled because art institutions boost motivation and self-confidence of an artist.

Sameera Saleem further said in an interview that there is a lot of talent in art especially in rural and small towns but they are deprived of credibility. She added that some art galleries are performing their role very effecting in the promotion of art because work is being doing by keeping the spirit of research and personal interest in calligraphy artwork. However there is need of more art institutions so that the work of the several artists could be displayed who have fewer resources because our talents just need a chance to emerge.

Calligraphy artist Sameera Saleem is used to teach art in local institute as she has benefitted many students from the ability of art creativeness. She is graduated in fine arts from Karachi School of Art as she is also expert in portrait landscape and figurative art despite of calligraphy. She prepares different types of paintings but she feels satisfaction by making calligraphic artwork especially Qurani Ayats.