pashto filmsPeshawar: The Home and tribal affairs department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has imposed ban on the release of five Pashto films, according to media reports. In a released notification by the Provincial Interior Department, the statement recorded that the movies violated Section IV of the Motion Pictures Act 1979. hence the movies cannot streamed. The banned movies include Zama Arman, Shart, Bangi Lalia, Loafer.

However it is pertinent here to mention that the movies are screened in various cinemas of the city despite the official ban on them from the censor board. Cinema owners defending the allegations against them said that there is not any censor board in the province. The cinema owners opined that they are not violating the law since the 18 amendment in the constitution gives them the freedom to practice the right.

Pashto movies are reported to violate the basic ethical restrictions of the movies in terms of the dance performances and the costume wear of the actresses. They go against the moral values of the society. They are more vulgar to be screened in the cinemas. Hence, the censor board due to its policy as had previously too restricted the screening of the movies.