anil kapoor pakistanThe veteran Indian Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has said that Pakistan does not lack talent, if provided platforms then no performances, art or talent can compete with the Pakistani artists, singers, musicians, actors and actresses. Appreciating the Pakistani hub talent he said that the Pakistani drama actress and the sitcom diva Hina Dilpazeer has highly impressed her. He called her an ‘Art Diva’.

The 56-year-old actor said that I consider Hina as an inspirational figure and use her acting to motivate and teach my students at the academy to learn the art of doing different roles of different modes. For a new comer to do variety of roles with different modes is not easy’, he complimented.

In reply to a question Anil said that he wishes to pay visit to Pakistan and has been invited and called by his friends but his busy work schedule had not permit him. Expressing his keen interest in Pakistan he spoke that my daughter Sonam who is also a young talented bollywood actress wishes to come to Pakistan. ‘I would bring my daughter whenever I would get to visit the country’.

Anil Kapoor who has acted in Hollywood films further said that I would visit special visits to Lahore and Karachi as they are known much for their food streets, historical places and life style there.