News journalist Faizullah KhanKarachi: ARY News journalist Faizullah Khan who was arrested by Afghan officials for entering illegally into the eastern Nangarhar province in the month of April is likely to release soon. After so many efforts of Pakistan authorities, Faizullah Khan will be able to spend Eid-Ul-Fitr with his family this year.

With respect to the details, media person Faizullah Khan punished for four years of imprisonment by Afghan High Court for not having proper travel documents as he unintentionally entered into the country. President of Afghan ambassador Hamid Karzai has forgiven to journalist Faizullah Khan due to which chances of his release has increased. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) played an immense role for the release of Faizullah Khan by doing protest against Faizullah’s conviction. Another greatest protest in this regard was held at in front of the National Press Club, Islamabad in which large number of journalists took part as well as famous anchorperson Hamid Mir was also presented during the protest.

Senior reporter and journalist of ARY News Journalist Faizullah Khan was also blamed of spying as he went to the tribal areas of Afghanistan for the interview of Taliban. Pakistani embassy also showed great efforts for the release of journalist as well as Salman Iqbal, the president of ARY Network has also contacted with different officials regarding the release of Faizullah Khan.