Pakistani-Journalist-Faizullah KhanIslamabad: A Pakistani TV journalist and reporter Faizullah Khan has punished by Afghanistan court for not carrying legal documents while travelling. According to the details, Journalist Faizullah Khan has to face four years in prison for illegitimate arrival in Afghanistan as he want to Afghanistan in order to complete his interview with Taliban leaders.

Pertaining to the further details, Faizullah Khan, who is a journalist and reporter of famous TV channel of Pakistan ARY News, was kidnapped from the tribal areas of Afghanistan during reporting since past three weeks. After that, Pakistani embassy was notified by the Nangarhar court that journalist Faizullah Khan is in imprisonment of Afghanistan for illegitimate arrival in Afghanistan and has been punished for four years. It is important to mention that a spying blame was also charged on Faizullah Khan but neglecting this blame, he has jailed in Afghanistan for not having proper documents.

A petition has been filed in the Sindh High Court by the wife of Faizullah khan, Sania Faiz in which she claimed that Faizullah Khan went for the interview of Taliban leaders in the north-western tribal areas of Afghanistan where he kidnapped by the Afghan intelligence. However, the Pakistan embassy is trying hard for the release from detention of the ARY News reporter Faizullah Khan.