Islamabad: Ansar Abbasi, editor of English national newspaper, ‘The News’ and the acclaimed journalist of  the country won Rs 20.1 million as penalty amount for the defamation case he had filed earlier . Statement against Ansar was given away by the Lahore Club President Arshad Ansari on January 1st 2013 in ‘New Special’ program hosted by Ameer Abbas at Waqt News Channel. Ansari had been labeled to setting up industries in U.A.E. through bribes at the show.

Under Defamation Ordinance 2002, Ansar filed case against the speaker on 23rd February.  The journalist termed the derogatory marks bias and based on falsehood.

Ansar’s lawyer in the court successfully presented the false statements and allegations leveled against his client during the show. A record of the show, along with the program script was presented in the court.

Further the lawyer stated that Ansar enjoys good reputation among the public but deliberate attempts to defame him have been made by the private channel.

ansar abbasi

The culprits did not respond to the court orders. Neither made any appearance in the court during the case hearing session. Muhammad Azam Khan, judge of Additional Districts and Session said that since the opponents failed to defend themselves, hence they shall be declared verdict.

Accordingly, the verdicts are liable to pay the penalty worth Rs 20.1 million to Ansar Abbasi as directed by the Islamabad District and Session Courts.