Ali Zafar who was recently seen in Bollywood’s movie “Kill Dill” has now started to learn the art of Taekwondo. Ali Zafar has not only worked in music field but he is also trying out his luck in acting. He has worked till now in multiple Bollywood movies.

According to a source who is very close to Ali Zafar we came to know that he prefers the traditional and natural ways of keeping himself in shape rather than putting all energies at gym.

Ali ZafarFor this sole reason he decided to learn Taekwondo which is “Korean Martial Arts, but in essence it is combination of many disciplines including the Chinese martial arts”.

Ali has contacted some specialists of Taekwondo Internationally, who are from  China, Malaysia and Thailand in order to learn the Art and take lessons from them. In addition to all these efforts for learning the Art of Taekwondo Ali Zafar has arranged for a specialist Trainer from Malaysia who will train him and will provide him with the essential skills of the art. Ali is in Pakistan now a days and he believes that traditional and natural ways of keeping oneself fit are better than exertions at gym.