Reema KhanA renowned Lollywood actress Reema Khan expressed her desire to come back to Pakistan and work for the revival of the Pakistani film Industry. She will come back to Pakistan very soon she added.

Reema said she is working on an Urdu film project and she has prepared the strategy to make the project work. She said the Fame and respect which I earned in Pakistani film Industry is very valuable for me and owe back to my country in general and the Pakistani Film Industry in specific.

Even today my heart is with the Pakistani Industry I want to see the Pakistani film industry to stand up straight again on its own feet. She added that she will come back to Pakistan very soon and will start working on her film, reviving the film Industry is her first priority she emphasized.

Reema started her career back in 1990 her first film was “Bulandi”. She has worked in multiple scores of movies. The first film which she directed and she also was the producer for the same was “koi tujh sa kahan” which was released in 2005. In the preceding year that is 2006 she won the awards for best actor and best director in recognition of her work, by Lux style awards. In 2011 she got married to an American cardiologist surgeon, since then she is in America.