Fatima MangiFatima Mangi is one of the most renowned artists of Sollywood (Sindhi language television industry. She had been popular in Sindhi language television and showbiz industry from many years. She is one of those few actresses of the Sindhi television who got fame just after their entrance in the showbiz industry. Fatima Mangi was born in Karachi, Pakistan and completed her studies in Performing Arts from University of Sindh, Jamshoro in 2015. During her studies, Fatima Mangi also continued her showbiz career and make her name in the industry.

Young, energetic and beautiful actress Fatima Mangi had started her showbiz career in 2005 as a model in Sindhi language song videos. She had performed in many famous Sindhi language songs as a model and got fame in the industry soon after her debut. Fatima Mangi then switched to television industry and acted in many popular Sindhi language dramas. She is multitalented artist and had performed in many characters in romantic and comedy dramas. She had worked for Awaz TV, Dharti TV, Kashish TV, Sindh TV and Mehran TV.

Nowadays, Fatima Mangi is working for KTN and doing several projects for them. She had also worked for Urdu television industry and performed in some serials. Fatima Mangi is very famous on social media as well and had thousands of fans and followers.