92 news92 News TV is all set to give 1000cc new cars and latest smartphones to all their reporters. An admiring lunch and dinner will also be thrown to the employees in office. According to sources 92 News TV will bear 60 percent of the total cost of car and the remaining 40 percent will be paid by employees in easy instalments every month. The smart phones are given as a complimentary gift to the employees for their encouragement and cars will be distributed in next month. Realizing the needs by management and fulfilling them will provide encouragement to employees to work harder and with full zeal.

According to sources the Channel has taken measures in favor of reporters because many of the correspondents were planning to join Bol News Channel. These incentives made them stacked with 92 News. Upcoming Bol News has raised the standards for many of the other Channels.

92 News Television enclose highly professional and talented professionals who are working together in a motivational and effective work environment. They revitalize new and creative talent and appreciate the hard work of their employees by giving perks and other incentives.