Bol news protestThe chapter of proclaimed biggest media group of Pakistan, Bol Network has closed now after shut down of the channel. All the journalist unions and civil society activists have totally forgot this issue but journalists associated with Bol Network are still suffering a lot. According to the statistics shared on social media page of Bol Network, more than 2200 journalists have suffered from the shutdown of the channel. But not only employees of Bol have faced this problem but their families are also suffering from this crisis and 50,000 people indirectly affected.

Just after shutdown of Bol Network, different journalist unions have showed their sympathy with the employees of Bol and announced to start big protests but just after some days, all of them ignored this issue. Journalist on the high positions including anchors, hosts, news analysts and others have joined different channels soon after leaving Bol, but low positioned staff and journalists are unemployed yet and still finding job in the industry. Their previous channel are re-hiring them with very low salary packages due to which most of the journalists are worried.

It is to be noted that six month salaries of all the Bol employees are still pending, which is very serious issue for all the journalists related to the channel.