Elements Or Components Of Communication

In previous pages we have studied the communication as the vehicle of sharing information, togetherness or commonness with information, an idea or an attitude. In the process of communication four elements or components are at play. As a guadruple process, it entails, the source the sender, the message and the destination. 1) Source... more →
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Oral Communication

Though there is a unanimity of views among the experts, teachers and scholars of journalism on the issue of differences between oral and written communication, yet the unanimity of pointing out the preciseness of difference is absent. Oral Communication includes shorter sentences, fewer precise details rather more pseudo-precise... more →
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What is Communication?

Introduction: Aristotle tells us a very simple truth when he says: “He who is unable to live in society,or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself,must be either a beast or God”It is a truism universally acknowledge in all the corners of the world. It essentially implies that man is a social animal.He is born in... more →
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