The model actress turned item girl Veena Malik said that every individual has the right to live his or her life according to the personal desire. She said that in Pakistan too, several people live who spend their lives as they want. ‘In me runs blood of an army officer. I am a religious person who soon would be performing Umrah’, said the ‘stunt queen’. These statements were given by the actress when she talked to the media. She said that Sheikh Rasheed shall stop from giving defamatory remarks about her otherwise she would also have to pay back in the same coin.

The woman in news said that she is proud to be Pakistani. Being daughter of an Army officer is a matter of pride for her. She said that to some people she could be a villain while for others she could be an acknowledged actress. She said that she misses Pakistan and wants to come back to the country.

The sizzling beauty further said that religion is a matter between ALLAH and her. ‘I am a religious woman and soon would be performing Umrah’, she stated supporting her words.

The Pakistani icon said that few heroes are left to be cherished in the country. We should learn to value them. She presented her desire to be given prestige and honor like given to the heroes.

Veena has warned the Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief that if he does not end up giving statements and remarks against her, she would get into exchange of hot words.

The Bigg Boss girl said that still she would stick to her words that quote the AML leader’s offer to have tea with her. However, she declined. Veena said that declining the offer, displeased Sheikh Rasheed and hence he has been leveling allegations and using wrong words for her. To her, this is attempt of revenge from his side