(DOHA), Qatar: Zameen.com — Pakistan’s largest real estate enterprise — has organized the first Qatar edition of its flagship Pakistan Property Event in Doha on May 20 and 21.

The first day of the event attracted a large number of overseas Pakistanis from Qatar and the neighbouring Gulf countries — with the two-day event offering attendees more than 150 real estate projects worth billions of rupees.

Attendees from UAE and the Gulf region had previously expressed a keen interest in investing in projects from Pakistan at the UAE edition of the Pakistan Property Event held in Dubai last year.

Present on the first day of the Qatar edition of the Pakistan Property Event (PPE Qatar) were Zameen.com’s Head of Middle East Region Aatif Rana, Director Marketing & BSE Haseeb Malik, Director Project Sales Faizan Khan, and Associate Directors Faisal Qureshi and Rubiya Afshan, along with Senior Manager Marketing Rizwan Kazmi, Manager Marketing Yasir Niazi, and executive senior managers.

Speaking on the occasion, Head of Middle East Region Aatif Rana, stated: “Zameen.com has officially been launched in Qatar in response to the Pakistani expatriates interested in investment opportunities. PPE Qatar will set the cornerstone for Zameen.com’s further expansion plans in Qatar and Gulf countries.”

Director Marketing & BSE Haseeb Malik also spoke at the event and said: “Qatar has a growing market with consistent demand for quality real estate projects, and PPE Qatar will help potential investors in buying profitable, secure, and premium real estate assets in Pakistan.”

During the first day of the event, Zameen.com provided exclusive event-only discounts on its premium and approved projects and attendees can also avail these deals on the second day of the event.

These exclusive offers will enable the Pakistani community to invest in profitable yet safe real estate opportunities in their home country in a convenient manner.