Fakhr e AlamWell known singer, actor & host Fakhr e Alam has recently made all Pakistanis proud by successfully circumnavigating the globe. He is the first Pakistani in history to accomplish this goal. In an interview at Geo News’ morning show, Fakhar e Alam told that being pilot was his childhood dream. In 2015 he got his private pilot license in Florida, USA & that was the moment when he decided to fly across the globe. It took him 3 years to make ‘Mission Parwaz’ possible.

He started circumnavigation from USA on October 10, 2018 & completed his ‘Mission Parwaz’ in 28 days. For him, one of the most challenging task was to write letters for his family including his parents, wife & children. He handed over those letters to his lawyer, yes he knew about the dangers & unfavorable conditions of his mission ahead.

During the interview, Fakhr also gave a hint of ‘mission Parwaz 2’ but he didn’t reveal the plan.

In case if you do not know, a successful aeronautical circumnavigation of the globe has these requirements.

1. A total minimum distance of 26000 nautical miles is covered and is flown through all medians.
2. Only one plane can be used. Pilot cannot change the plane at any point of the journey.
3. Pilot must start and end the journey from the same airport.