Veena MalikOne of the most popular and controversial actresses of Pakistan, Veena Malik has visited Bacha Khan University Charsadda. According to the reports of Pakistani media, the main reason of Veena Malik’s visit to Bacha Khan University is to show her support with the families of martyrs of terrorist attack. Husband of Veena Malik, Asad Khatak and her 16 months old son Abram Khan have also visited Bacha Khan University. While talking with the families of Bacha Khan University martyrs and injured people, Veena Malik said that the attack was actually on the future of Pakistan. Few days ago, Veena Malik came back to Pakistan after 3 years.

While talking to the media after meeting with the families, Veena Malik said that she has shared the grief of the parents of the martyrs. She said that the best revenge from the terrorists is to get education because our enemy is continuously attacking on our future assets. After this meeting, Veena Malik had also sung national song along with her husband Asad Khatak. She has shown her unity with all the students of Bacha Khan University.

It is to be noted that Veena Malik also has plan to produce special song for the victims of Bacha Khan University attack.