In the best fair conversation recently with Veena Malik, staying Mecca/Makkah for some Islam proponent is a flash of contentment. Each Muslim visions of go to see it one time in their times. Veena Malik with her man were sufficiently lucky to animate the daydream. Later the entire involvement, they sensed uncontaminated, from the interior. It had been a natural life period prospect for Veena.

Veena Malik became controversial during her visit in India where she got involved in various Indian shows. She received huge criticisms on that point. Later she decided to change herself she then married a noble man and also met with the great scholar Tariq Jameel.

Veena Malik with husband  Asad in hajj[alert style=”white”] Some people believe that this change in Veena Malik is artificially fabricated. However a safe opinion about this is no one knows the actual heart’s reality and hence better to be optimistic that this change is not artificial. [/alert]

Her visit to the holy place is also appreciated by several in the Pakistani society. Therefore we wish her consistent in her change.