ovais mangalwalaAll rounder Ovais Ahmed Tanweer, known as Ovais Mangalwala is a documentary filmmaker, TV anchor, producer and actor. Else we can call him the ‘brave, bold and bald young man’ of Pakistan born on August 18, 1977. Diversified fields of study granted him a variety of working experience in Information Technology, Banking, Education and media industry.

He completed his early education from Karachi with flying colors. He kept on banging his educational career during higher studies and earned gold medal. With Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, Ovais also studied theater arts formally at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi.

After working with Dawn News for 4-year, he is currently associated with Express TV as producer and anchor. His shows “Karachi Mera Hai” and “Kaha Suna Maaf” made him an icon. He has hosted many TV programs and has interviewed various high profile personalities as well.

He has performed in several plays in Pakistan and abroad. Ovais was among leading cast of the famous theatre “Lone-ly In Love”. Ovais is regularly invited by universities in Pakistan and abroad for speaking sessions. He has spoken at major Pakistani universities, Leiden University in Netherlands and Massachusetts. Ovais also serves media studies universities as Visiting Faculty member.

Indeed, Ovais Mangalwala is in himself a valued person and a true representation of Pakistan.