ISLAMABAD: The plea for Turkish visas has augmented,acknowledging the impact to the screening for Turkish drama ‘Mera Sultan.’PML-Q Mushahid Hussain proclaimed this when he come across with the Turkish envoy at a ceremonyorganized here to observe the Turkish revolution.

The envoy demanded after watching this play, the personswanted to perceive Turkey. These comments of the Turkish diplomatextent a smile on the expressions of accompanies of the occasion.

[alert style=”white”]The envoy told PML-Q Mushahid Hussain that due to the appreciation for ‘Mera Sultan’, a noteworthy number of visa applications were given in to the Turkish consulate. [/alert]

‘Mera Sultan’ is one of the leading Turkish dramas being played in Pakistan, it posturizes the life of the Great Sultan Suleiman TheMagnificent.

Turkish Drama 'Mera Sultan’ Increases the Demand for Turkish Visas [alert style=”white”] Though there are some controversies being raised about the content of the drama, people are giving special importance to this drama because of the great historic Ottoman Empire. [/alert]

Moreover the drama keyword ‘Mera Sultan’ has been enumerated in Google top ten searches on internet for the year 2013 in Pakistan as well.