Indian celebrities have been ruling our advertisements from a long time, they also are brand ambassadors of Pakistani brands. We have seen Ban Vaseline commercial and QMobile Vulgar Commercial in past but this Indian celebrities trend is increasing day by day. Although being a patriot we cannot accept this but there are reasons behind this fact because of which this is happening. Commercials with Indian Celebrities were also condemned among government officials.

Let us consider these facts one by one, celebrity endorsement is one important reason the brands have to look for celebrities which have high number of fan following.

Masses idealize the celebrities they like they even want to follow their life styles and want to use what they use, wear what they wear, eat what they eat in short they blindly follow the celebrity of their choice as the masses have idealized them.

shahrukh and katrinaFor such sort of people whatever is said by the celebrities have weightage and importance for them and in most cases they even are listening and watching the advertisement just because of those celebrities.

Another factor is availability of professional equipment and staff. As India hosts a big Movie Industry “Bollywood”, experienced off-camera and on-camera staff is easily available there along with high quality equipment they can materialize the ideas relatively with ease and precision in the required quality.

Advanced technical equipment which is in reach in India easily is missing on our side of planet. Technological entrepreneurship is no doubt at its peak in India, people operating the equipment are equally important who again are very well versed with the technicalities of shooting and production.

Doubtlessly Pakistan has got talent, properly channelizing the talent and providing them with adequate opportunities and platform plays a key role in grooming and maturing. From the perspective of celebrities we are watching score of faces from quiet a long time now new entrants of desired quality are very few in number as our channelizing system is weak. Contrary to it India has got talented new faces too utilizing their somewhat better channelizing system.

The professional and technical staff situation is not much different. A senior marketer who has worked with number of Multi-National Companies told us that here in Pakistan we have only two or three professional firms which have the capacity of producing advertising in the required quality. Whereas same industry in India again is way better than our Industry because of multiple reasons which we have discussed.

The current situation doesn’t implies at all that we will carry on like this and will not even consider our local talent. Revolutionizing our Film Industry will produce fruits for us in the long term at least in the case of advertisements.

Such opportunities will not only provide a platform for our new talent but will also channelize the existing talent too, that again to make them better and more groomed professionals will also get more skilled with the passage of time. Ultimate result will be Advertisements produced in Pakistan by Pakistanis