News casting is the field of journalism that requires good reading, communication skills. To face the camera and sound the news items clear to the viewers and listeners requires good work. Many Pakistani Female News Anchors have strong viewership. For women to appear on the screen, requires talent, extra ordinary skills and confidence majorly. With the operation of channels, many faces have managed to gain appearance on the TV screens.

Out of the many news casters that we see daily on various news channels, few can be called as the ‘top ones’ in the field. These are the women whose hard works have paid off.

Ayesha Bakhsh is counted as among the known journalists of the country. Last year she had won the Best News Caster Award at 3 Pakistan Awards. She has also been representative for various journalistic seminars held internationally.

The top 10 female newscasters are:

  1. Ayesha Bakhsh
  2. Gharida Farooqui
  3. Kiran Aftab
  4. Iqra Shahzad
  5. Maria Memon
  6. Sana Mirza
  7. Fiza Khan
  8. Sadaf Jabbar
  9. Samina Ramzan
  10. Nazish Farooq

Ayesha Baksh Gharida and Sana MirzaThough it may not take a journalist necessarily to become a new caster but it requires diligent hard work, confidence, good voice, communication skills and sound knowledge about current affairs. These women have earned name due to the qualities they possess.

Note: Note This Rating is Base on couple on internet Surveys and Public Views