Artists_ThreatsKarachi: Artists are normally considered as ambassador of any country or city but it is recently revealed famous Pakistani artists are in big trouble nowadays. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Karachi has issued recommendations to popular showbiz celebrities of Pakistan to restrict their activities in order to avoid any incident. In his notice issued to several famous artists, models and fashion designers of the country, DIG Police has stated that their lives are in trouble. According to the reports of Sindh Police, some terrorist groups and banned outfits can target the celebrities.

DIG South Karachi has stated in this notice that during the interrogation of arrested terrorists belongs to banned outfits and terrorist groups, it has been revealed the groups are planning to attack famous models, artists, anchorpersons and social activists. It is also written that the purpose of targeting famous people from different walks of life, due to their liberal thought. Directions have been issued to all these personalities, to restrict their movement and avoid unnecessary social activities in order to prevent possible attacks.

Hit List

Following is the list of popular showbiz celebrities, fashion designers and social activists who have threats of attack by the banned outfits and terrorist organizations, which is issued by DIG South.

Showbiz Personalities

  • Ali Saleem alias Begum Nawazish Ali
  • Ahmed Butt (Husband of Singer Humaira Arshad)
  • Abdullah Ejaz
  • Babloo (Makeup Artist)
  • Iraj (Female Model)
  • Huma Khwaja (Singer)
  • Emmad (Model)
  • Shammon Abbasi (Director/Actor)

Fashion Designers

  • Khawar Riaz
  • Tariq Ameen
  • HSY (Host)
  • Navid Rashid aka Tony
  • Ather Shahzad

Social Activist (NGO Worker known for Foreign Links

  • Muhammad Jibran Nasir

Hit List 1All these people are facing big trouble and terrorists are making plans to attack them. According to the notice, these people have showed their liberal thoughts several times and this the reason behind making them target. Artists are very soft targets of the terrorist organizations and banned outfits because they are socially active and needs to move at different places without any security. Purpose of attacking artists is to create panic in the society.

DIG South Dr. Jamil Ahmed has also issued directions in the notice to concerned police officers, to take this matter very seriously and make security arrangements in order to prevent any attack by the terrorist groups or banned outfits on these personalities.