Shagufta YasmeenShagufta Yasmeen is a Pakistani host, model and actor. She has done a lot of TV serials, hosted several shows and worked for commercial as well. She is a well educated girl; she did her masters in fashion designing from USA with first division and MBA from South City Institute of Management and Technology. Talented girl Shagufta has done a lot of jobs as well.

Shagufta has done job as a fashion designer in multinational company and worked as H.O.D for textile and fashion designing Department. Actress has done countless jobs in the field of fashion designing. She has organized so many fashion shows and participated as well. Actress is also taken fitness classes; she conducted fitness workshops for multinational companies and for Abbot Company. Actress has ten years experience of hosting, live shows and recorded shows.

Shagufta has also done a job on FM radio station as RJ and did a wonderful job. She has hosted morning show “Meena Bazar” on PTV. She is working in commercial as well and has done two commercials. Actress Shagufta has got a lot of talent, due to her talent she has done different type of jobs, she is all rounder and got a lot of experience.