TalibansIslamabad: It has been revealed that several Taliban leaders were big fan of cricket as well as cricketer Shahid Afridi. It has disclosed during operation in North Waziristan that Taliban considered Pakistan team as their team and obeyed Shahid Afridi as their Hero. Shahid Afridi has also made biggest impact on the hearts of Taliban as they were die-hard fans of Boom Boom Afridi.

According to the further details, during operation of North Waziristan, cricket bats and balls were found despite of large quantities of recovered explosive material in the Taliban sanctuaries which were destroyed by the Pakistan Army. Sources also told that during ground operation, posters of Shahid Afridi have also been found which shows that the Taliban were eager to cricket and great fan of Shahid Afridi. However, local people say that Taliban regularly watched Pakistan match and it was their passion.

As we know that cricket is very popular sport of every one and we always find biggest fan of cricket as well as Shahid Afridi. Similarly, Talibans leaders were also passionate about cricket and adored Shahid Afridi very much. Shahid Afridi is the super star of every Pakistani and his fans got crazy when he puts his feet on the pitch as he is known for his hitting style.